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Mission Statement:


Fanning The Flame aims to discover, bring alive and celebrate the Gospel within the Catholic community of the church, encouraging everyone to grow in and share their faith.

We seek to help people discover and develop the gifts given at Baptism and Confirmation (in conjunction with Ephesians 3:14-21) through initiating events where people can experience GOD and grow in understanding of their faith and the ways in which faith can be expressed.


Picture of children playing chipmunk game at St. Ninians, West Lothian. Children performing an activity about talents, writing talents on a paper brick. Picture of a talk about the fight between good and evil. Children during a talk roaring their choice for God.

View of Hampshire campsite and cross View of Hampshire campsite Breaktime sandwiches being served by Penny The Banana Song at the camp concert Hampshire 2008



Starting on Ash Wednesday Matthew Goodman, Benedict Nichols, Sr. Julie and Sr. Maria started working in 7 primary schools in West Lothian and the feeder secondary school for six of the primary schools. This was the third time that FTF had been in St. Nicholas, St. Ninian's, St. John Ogilvie, St. Paul's, Howden St. Andrew's (Holy Family once again joined with St. Nicholas). Once again we were given great receptions by staff and pupils. Each day brought with it many blessings and it was wonderful to see both the pupils and the staff being touched by GOD through the various activities that we did. We also went into a new cluster (St. Kintegin's) and worked in St. Joseph's School. Although this was our first time in this school we were made to feel that we had been there before and again the blessings abounded. One of our highlights this year was to see another part of the vision in Scotland unfolding by our being invited to work with the 1st years in St. Margaret's Academy. This gave us the wonderful opportunity of meeting up, once again, with all the Primary schools that we had worked with last year. It was a wonderful moment when they told us all that we had covered with them last year. They had forgotten nothing of what we had done and indeed had been as much looking forward to meeting us again as we were of meeting them.

The days were a round of fun songs, spiritual games, bringing the bible alive through teaching and drama and watching videos and DVDs that brought home to the pupils how special they were and how precious is the gift of faith.

One of the many highlights was when we read one of the evaluation sheets and it said 'I didn't know that I had any friends in my school and now I know I have a lot of them.' On a lighter note another highlight was the day when we went to St. John Ogilvie. We woke up in the morning to find a few inches of snow on the ground and everything looking so beautiful. Here the schools would have been closed down but not in Scotland so we gingerly made our way to the school. In the lunch hour Ben and Matthew made an enormous snow man. It looked wonderful and caused great fun among the pupils ... particularly the ones who had the pleasure of knocking it down at the end of the day. Oh well ... it was a great way to use the spade we had taken just in case we got caught in snow!

Please continue to pray for the Mission in Scotland as we try to find ways of funding this very important work and getting more and more people involved.

Report by: Sr. Maria Natella, O.P.

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